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Since 1916, Ohio Valley Goodwill Industries has been serving Greater Cincinnati. Explore our history in this interactive timeline.

Goodwill Auto Auction Cincinnati

Your donations help to Change lives

Support Goodwill’s social mission and bid on a vehicle at our next Goodwill auto auction:


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Auto Auction Policies and Procedures

Donate a car, van, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV to the Ohio Valley Goodwill Cincinnati Car Donation Program. It’s easy and the tow is free. By donating a vehicleyou become eligible for a Tax Advantage while helping to support Goodwill’s mission.

Benefits of Donating a Vehicle:

    • Donate a car and you may be eligible for a tax advantage on your itemized return.
    • Donate a car to charity and save the effort of selling it.
    • Drop an auto donation at Superior Automotive Group or Mike Albert Direct and earn money off the purchase of a new car.
    • Donate a boat, motorcycle or RV to charity and you may be eligible for a tax advantage on your itemized return.
    • Donate a vehicle to Ohio Valley Goodwill and you will help veterans and individuals with disabilities go to work.
    • Make a charity car donation and 100% of the proceeds stays with your local Goodwill.
    • View our Benefits page to find out more.

Superior-Albert1Ohio Valley Goodwill is pleased to announce that it has joined together with the Superior Automotive Group and Mike Albert Direct to become automotive only drop sites for the Auto Auction of Goodwill Industries. Click here for more information and our official locations for vehicle drop-off. Receive a substantial discount on a new or used vehicle purchase!


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Auto Donation News

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Find out the latest news on the Goodwill Auto Auction and our donated vehicles. Learn what Makes Goodwill unique among car donation locations in Cincinnati.

Sneak Preview

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Every week, we'll show you a sampling of the vehicles being offered at our next Goodwill Auto Auction. Here is a sneak preview of what's coming up for the next auto auction.

Auto Donation FAQ

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Donating a car to charity is a big decision and, although it has great benefits, we understand that you probably have questions about car donation. Here are answers to common questions.


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Find a location to donate your car in Cincinnati. We can help find the closest drop location for you to donate your car to charity, and we will tow your car, truck, boat or RV donation free of charge.