Vehicle Donation FAQ

Ohio Valley Goodwill is committed to taking the mystery and stress out of donating a vehicle. Every car, truck and boat donated benefits Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Whether you are a first time auto donor or an individual who has donated many vehicles, we hope the information below will make it easier for you to make a donation.

How do I determine the tax value of my auto donation?

The tax advantage value of a car, truck, or boat which you donate to Ohio Valley Goodwill (if applicable) will be up to the first $500 of the fair market value of the vehicle for tax purposes with your donation receipt. If your vehicle donation sells for more than $500, Goodwill will provide you with a tax receipt for the vehicle’s sale price, which you may claim on your itemized return. To see which applies to your specific tax situation, visit or call 1-800-829-1040.

How much is my vehicle donation worth?

To determine the amount your vehicle may be worth as a tax advantage, see the above question. The auction price of vehicles varies based on their make, model, mileage, condition, and age ‘” just as if the car were being sold. However, Ohio Valley Goodwill has no incentive to give our auto donors anything less than a great deal.

Can I donate a boat, RV, or motorcycle to Ohio Valley Goodwill?

Ohio Valley Goodwill is happy to accept boat donations. Donating a boat is a great way to improve Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeastern Indiana communities through a charitable contribution.

Yes! Donating a recreational vehicle or camper to Ohio Valley Goodwill is a great way to make a difference in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region, which may make you eligible for a tax advantage on your itemized return.

If you want to donate a motorcycle in Cincinnati, Ohio Valley Goodwill will be more than happy to turn your generous act of charity into job training, veterans services and enriching programs for individuals with developmental disabilities. As with other vehicle donations, you may also be eligible for a tax advantage on your itemized return.

Have another type of vehicle you are interested in donating? Give us a call at 513-612-5980 to discuss!

Where can I drop off my auto donation?

Ohio Valley Goodwill provides 28 auto donation locations serving the Tri-State for your convenience. Donation locations, including maps and phone numbers, can be found here.

Does Ohio Valley Goodwill offer free towing for auto donations?

Ohio Valley Goodwill can arrange for your vehicle to be towed FREE of charge. Visit our Donate page, give us some information about your vehicle and we will be in contact with you.

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At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we make it easy and convenient to donate your vehicle. Click here for our convenient donation form. We even offer a FREE tow if needed.

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We’ve made it as convenient as possible to donate your vehicle throughout greater Cincinnati.