April’s Best Car Donations in Cincinnati – Definitive Edition

1965 Austin Healey SpriteIn preparation for tomorrows auto auction, Ohio Valley Goodwill takes a look back at some of the best cars from April. Normally, we reserve this post for the first week of the month, but last week we had the rare pleasure of auctioning off a vintage 1965 Austin-Healey Sprite. When you are sitting on an auto donation that amazing, some things have to be moved around. That vehicle, along with a pair of Polaris jet skis, stole the show for auto donations in April. Today, we spotlight three diamonds in the rough that you may have missed last month.

1999 Honda CRV – April 12

The Honda CRV is a luxurious SUV with more in store than you might imagine. There are discrepancies about what ”CRV’ stands for  ‘” the Japanese CRV factbook says ”Compact Runabout Vehicle,’ while the English press claims ”Compact Recreational Vehicle’ ‘” but there is no doubt that this is one great ride. We think in this case CRV could stand for ”Certainly a Real Value.’

1996 Honda Civic – April 19

The Honda Civic is a tried and true vehicle which needs no introduction. Civic means ”of the city or (more broadly) society.’ Like the name implies, this vehicle is ready to stand out and contribute. Its uses are diverse. It works as a daily commuter but can also be ”tricked out’ for racing. Just like the Queen City, the Honda Civic is a hardworking masterpiece of diversity.

1980 Fleetwood Motorhome – April 26

Breaking Bad fans rejoiced when this fantastic home on wheels went up for auction. The the RVs name, Fleetwood, is a portmanteau meant to elicit road-cruising fantasies and visions of serene outdoor environments. Motorhome, is more simple: a compound word meaning, ”awesome vehicle you can live in and take anywhere.’ Woah, dude.