AquaUpgrade: Donate Your Boat Cincinnati!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.59.12 AMCincinnati is the Queen City of the Ohio River, and we have a vibrant boating community. If you are looking for a new vessel fit for royalty, donate your old boat to Ohio Valley Goodwill. When you donate a boat in Cincinnati to the Goodwill Auto Auction team, you may qualify for a tax advantage. Plus, we’ll come and pick up your old boat for you.

This is especially beneficial at the end of a long winter. Every captain knows that ice is the enemy of a sound hull. Even a small crack can quickly be exacerbated when frozen water expands inside. The best way to avoid that risk is by getting an “aqua upgrade.” Trade your old watercraft to Ohio Valley Goodwill, reap your possible tax advantage and put those funds toward a sleek new ship!

Just imagine, this could be you: