AquaUpgrade: Donate Your Boat Cincinnati!

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.59.12 AMCincinnati is the Queen City of the Ohio River, and we have a vibrant boating community. If you are looking for a new vessel fit for royalty, donate your old boat to Ohio Valley Goodwill. When you donate a boat in Cincinnati to the Goodwill Auto Auction team, you may qualify for a tax advantage. Plus, well come and pick up your old boat for you.

This is especially beneficial at the end of a long winter. Every captain knows that ice is the enemy of a sound hull. Even a small crack can quickly be exacerbated when frozen water expands inside. The best way to avoid that risk is by getting an ”aqua upgrade.’ Trade your old watercraft to Ohio Valley Goodwill, reap your possible tax advantage and put those funds toward a sleek new ship!

Just imagine, this could be you: