Auto Auction Sells the King of Cars

2002 Pontiac Grand Am GT FrontOn the CBS comedy King of Queens, Doug Heffernan had a pretty great life. He had a beautiful wife. He delivered packages for a fictionalized version of a company known for high levels of employee satisfaction. He even had a dog that loved him. Sure, he had to live with his father-in-law. But, that led to the kind of fun antics that led America to fall in love with the family from 3121 Aberdeen Street, Queens, NY. A great family and a great job werent all Doug had going for him, however. The Heffernan family were also proud owners of a Pontiac Grand Am. And now, thanks to a generous car donor in Cincinnati, you too can live the good life with this reliable vehicle.
The best auto auction in Cincinnati is auctioning off the grandest of ”Am’¬Ěs tomorrow morning. You dont have to be a fancy television writer for CBS to know this sporty white four-door touring vehicle is just begging for a cool nickname. Something like: The Snowspeeder. Were sure you can figure out the perfect one, but only if you come out tomorrow and place the winning bid.