Auto Donation in Covington and Newport

Ohio Valley Goodwills auto auction has a long history as the best car auction to visit or donate a vehicle to in Cincinnati. However, our services also extend south of the Ohio River. Every year we are able to help Kentucky residents looking to make an auto donation. And, the funds from car donations in Covington and Newport dont just help Ohioans. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides programs which  support veterans  in Northern Kentucky as well as Greater Cincinnati.

The programs we provide in Northern Kentucky are partly funded by the auto donations in Covington and Newport. Plus, donating your vehicle is a great way to keep Kentucky green. The hills along the Southern bank of the Ohio are some of the most lush and verdant in America, and recycling old cars is one way you can keep them that way for generations to come.

How can you get your car to a Goodwill vehicle donation center in Cincinnati? Easy! We can provide a tow in exchange for your donation. To get more information on our towing option, visit the Vehicle Donation FAQ or contact our Auto Auction team today.