Why are Auto Donations so valuable?

01AcuraMDX_frontWhy does an auto donation come with the possibility of a tax deduction? The good work that Ohio Valley Goodwill does with cars donated in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky is valuable. Goodwill has been recognized time and again for the value we provide to local communities in Greater Cincinnati. That value comes in the form of services for individuals with developmental disabilities, local youths and veterans, and is underpinned by the funds we raise from donations. Few items can match the dollar value of an auto donation. Goodwill was a pioneer in using donated cars to fund non-profit activities, and we are confident that we can ensure your donation makes the maximum impact. Goodwill’s years of experience have enabled us to build auto auction infrastructure in-house, so every dollar of your donation is put to work in your community. If you want to learn more about what makes Goodwill’s very different from other non-profit auto auctions, check out this blog post we wrote on the subject: “All Car Donations Are Not Created Equal

Ohio Valley Goodwill values our auto donors, and we strive to help them receive value and convenience in-kind when they donate a car in Cincinnati. When community members are ready to donate a car, our partnership with Mike Albert Direct and Superior Automotive Group insures they can find a convenient location to make an auto donation. While we cannot guarantee a tax deduction to everyone who donates, we can say that hundreds of individuals in Cincinnati have received a deduction for their donation.

To find out more about the valuable tax incentives which may be available after a car donation, visit the IRS website www.irs.gov or by call 1-800-829-1040.