The Best Auto Auction in Cincinnati is On Fire This Week

1997 Chevrolet Blazer SideTomorrow, Ohio Valley Goodwills Cincinnati auto auction has a real treat for those that crave excitement. Whether you are an action hero headed towards certain doom in a blaze of glory, blazing trails on a weekend camping excursion or just donning a blazer for an important meeting, this Black Chevrolet Blazer has what it takes to get the job done. It also happens to be a fitting vehicle to represent our weekly auto auction in Cincinnati.

The Blazer is an SUV built for people who live life on the edge, and the deals you will find at our auto auction push the limits too. Other car auctions think Goodwill must be crazy to offer such fantastic deals, but anyone familiar with Goodwills mission knows better. Ohio Valley Goodwill offers fantastic deals on cars at auction because we believe in making a local impact. When you buy a car from Ohio Valley Goodwill, you are making an environmentally friendly decision. When you donate a vehicle to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you are giving a future car owner the opportunities that come with reliable transportation. And, no matter which side of the auto donation/auto auction spectrum you fall on, your contribution to Ohio Valley Goodwill makes an impact on underserved communities in Cincinnati.

Ohio Valley Goodwill holds our weekly car, boat, and RV auctions in Cincinnati to raise money in support of our many programs serving individuals with disabilities, homeless veterans and young people throughout the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana region. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, keep Goodwills auto auctions in mind. If you have a vehicle to donate, click here to find the drop-off location near you.