The Best Auto Auction in Cincinnati is Freestylin’

Yo! Get hyped! Goodwill is auctioning off a LIMITED EDITION Ford Freestyle this week. As you can see from the photo, it is indeed the ”Limited’ model of the freestyle, but this vehicle is limited edition in a much more profound way. The Ford Freestyle was introduced in 2004 to replace the Ford Taurus Stationwagon. It was produced until 2008, when it was renamed the Ford Taurus X. If that wasnt enough of a diss, the entire model was cancelled in 2009. Why would Ford can this carrier-class car? It wasnt quality. Ford was forced to trim the fat once the recession hit in 2008, and the suits determined that the Ford Freestyle competed directly with the Escort.

Cold blooded, right? Well, dont sweat it because you can get your own Ford Freestyle tomorrow at the one and only Goodwill Auto Auction. Click here for auction details.

The Freestyle will work for you, whether you are dropping beats or dropping kids at soccer. Check it out: