The Best Auto Auction in Cincinnati Keeps it Green!

A change in the leaves may be on the horizon for Cincinnati, but the team at the Goodwill Auto Auction is going to be staying green for a while longer. We have two great vehicles to preview for you today, both perfect for nature lovers.

02SubaruForester_calloutFirst up, a Subaru Forester. Subaru has long been the go-to brand for lovers of the outdoors? Why? Reliability. Subarus are known to last for years. They also have some of the largest interior cargo areas in their class. The Forester in particular offers room for everything you would need for a weekend away from it all. Subaru lovers know I am leaving out the best part about their favorite auto brand, however, and that is the legendary Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system. Subarus can handle weather and terrain that similarly sized vehicles simply cannot. Dont believe us? Ask any Subaru owner, just be sure you have time to sit and listen. They will have a lot to say.
2012 Ford Fusion Front
Next we have a Ford Fusion. This beautiful white vehicle wont be going up for auto auction this Saturday, but we know the environmentally conscious consumers out there will want to know it is coming down the pipe. The Fusions efficiency is top of the line, and it has won many awards simply for its gas-saving potential. This Fusion has an even bigger bonus to offer green-minded individuals, however, because it is a ”Flex-Fuel’ vehicle. That means it can accept gasoline blended with ethanol, a fuel produced from plants right here in the Midwest. Renewable fuel? Sign us up! You can find out when this vehicle will go up for auction by signing yourself up for our mailing list