The Best Cincinnati Auto Auction Brings CA to OH

This has been a rough week for those of us who prefer warm weather. True, other parts of the country are facing an early Winter much worse than Ohios, but that doesnt mean we cant ask for a bit of relief. If you count yourself among Ohios unwillingly frozen masses, then Ohio Valley Goodwills Cincinnati Auto Auction has just the thing for you:

We are auctioning off a shimmering bit of California sun in the form of a 2009 Chevy Malibu.

Imagine yourself wrapped in an overcoat on a bitterly cold Winter morning. You head out the door to drive to work. What do you see? ”MALIBU’ emblazoned in shining letters across the rear of your ride. And, just for a moment, you remember what the sunshine feels like. Moments of respite can be few and far between during the season of snow and ice, but this is your opportunity to get one every day.

Want to see what Malibu can do for your point of view? Check out this summerific retro Malibu commercial for a glimpse of summer, then come bid on the car at this weeks auction.