The Best Cincinnati Auto Auction’s Top 5 Cadillac Sevilles

The Cadillac Seville is a true classic. But which Seville is the classiest classic of all? We’re counting down the Top 5 Cadillac Sevilles of all time!

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.32.34 PM1.   The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo

This spinoff of the popular series BJ and the bear featured the good intentioned titular character ”Sheriff Lobo’ as he attempted to protect the town of Orly County while making a few bucks on the side. His hijinks were often foiled, but his squad car, a first-generation Cadillac Seville, always came through for him. The show is ranked as one of TV Guides 50 worst television programs, and we think it was the class and muscle of the Cadillac squad car that kept it out of the top 10.

2.   King of the Hill

seville buckWhile Hank Hill dutifully dedicates his life to providing the residents of small town Arlen, TX with ”propane and propane accessories,’ his boss Buck Strickland is living it up in a white 5th Generation Cadillac STS, the rebranded version of the Seville. While there are a lot of reasons to feel bad for Hank, the fact that he works so hard to pay for another mans Cadillac fits right at the top of the list. Dont let this happen to you, visit our auto auction to get your hands on this awesome car!

3.   Any Which Way You Can

This is a movie where Clint Eastwood is best friends with an ape. ACTUALLY, it is the SEQUEL to a movie where Clint Eastwood is best friends with an ape. That could easily make this our top movie EVER, but we are bumping it down to #3 because it was a simpler time when animal actors were under appreciated. Clyde, the ape in question, deserves an Oscar for this scene, where he destroys (you guessed it!) a Cadillac Seville.

2.   Napoleon Dynamite

Nepoleon GrandmaWhen Napoleon’s rip-roaring grandmother took to the road for a vacation from her plain-as-milk family, she sped off in a second generation Cadillac Seville. While her grandchildren were finding love, finding themselves and finding buyers for ”crush-proof’ Tupperware, she was finding out how top gear feels in a powerful Cadillac V6. With such a great car, it is a wonder she ever came back.

1.   Your New 1998 Cadillac Seville!

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