How Your Old Car Can Give Neighbors a Fresh Start

Sure, you know all about how to donate clothes and household goods to Goodwill, but have you ever thought about donating a vehicle? Thats right! Ohio Valley Goodwill accepts cars, trucks, SUVs, and more!

The process of donating a vehicle to Goodwill couldnt be easier. We take care of everything. All you need to do is drop the car off with a signed title. And if your car isnt running, dont worry ‘” we can even tow it for free!

Car donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill
Car donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill

Create Job Opportunities Through Your Donation

The best part of donating a car to Goodwill is knowing the impact it will make. The money raised through the sale of your car donation goes on to support Goodwills programs and services. Ohio Valley Goodwill provides job skills training, career support, and employment services to people with disabilities, our nations veterans, and others facing barriers to employment and full community inclusion.

Simply choosing to donate your old car instead of selling it yourself or trading it in will give neighbors in your community a chance at meaningful employment. Ohio Valley Goodwill helps local job seekers identify vocations that best fit their skills and provides job training and supports to help them jumpstart their careers and experience the life-changing power of work!

How it Works

Ohio Valley Goodwill runs its very own weekly auto auction, which means the money raised from the sale of your donated car will stay right here in the Cincinnati area to benefit your neighbors in need. We gladly accept cars, trucks, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, campers, boats, riding lawn mowers, and more. Just fill out the vehicle donation form and find your nearest donation site, or arrange for your vehicle to be towed free of charge.

Once youve made your donation, youll receive a tax receipt for your charitable contribution. Its as simple as that! Learn more about Goodwills car donation program, and find the online vehicle donation form to get started.

Youll feel great knowing that your decision to donate your car to Goodwill in Cincinnati is changing lives for the better!