Car Donation in Sharonville: Your Local Option

If you are looking to donate a car in Sharonville, we have great news for you. Ohio Valley Goodwill is making it easier than ever to find a location for car donation in Sharonville. Our partnership with Mike Albert Direct has means there is an auto donation option right in your neighborhood. This is just one way that Ohio Valley Goodwill is improving the auto donation process that Goodwill Industries pioneered.. Simplicity isnt the only benefit of our partnership, however. In addition to making auto donation in Sharonville more convenient, Mike Albert Direct can help car donors receive a significant discount on the purchase of a new or used vehicle. That is in addition to the tax advantage which vehicle donors may be eligible to receive.

So, now you know how easy it is to donate a vehicle in Sharonville, but that still leaves another even more important question unanswered. ”Why should you donate your car to Goodwill?’ The short answer is: your vehicle donation will go so much further at Goodwill. The proceeds from every vehicle auctioned by Ohio Valley Goodwill stay in Greater Cincinnati, and — unlike most other auto donations — we dont utilize a for profit middleman who takes a cut of our donations. The vehicles donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill help us create jobs for individuals with disabilities, support homeless veterans and help young people get a great start on life.

For more information about the impact your vehicle donation can have your local community, visit our FAQ page. If you are interested in donating a vehicle, click here.