All Car Donations are Not Created Equal

car donations help cincinnatiDid you know that Goodwill was a pioneer of car donation? Ohio Valley Goodwill was among the first organizations in the Tri-state area to encourage  people to donate cars to charity, because  it was a win-win for everyone. When people donate cars and other vehicles to Goodwill they get a great tax break, and 100% of the money raised  is used to provide services to local youth, veterans and individuals with developmental disabilities.

As with all great ideas, however, many other non-profits followed Goodwill’s example of asking people to donate cars to charity. We love that more and more people are choosing to donate cars, because we know that every non-profit group is striving to create a better world. However, it is important to know that often organizations partner with for-profit auction companies to sell donated cars. These firms take a portion of the funds the donor intended to be used by the non-profit.  Ohio Valley Goodwill is proud of the fact that when you donate to Goodwill,  100% of the money raised is used to help the individuals we serve in the Greater Cincinnati area.

We applaud the generous individuals who donate cars, donate boats and donate RVs to charity. Their charitable actions are a wonderful tribute to the giving spirit of our community. If you would like to donate a vehicle to charity, please visit

Thank you Greater Cincinnati for your on-going support of Ohio Valley Goodwill and our mission of service to more than 3000 people with disabilities and our nation’s veterans each year.