Our Cincinnati Auto Auction Celebrates Labor Day with a Hard Working Vehicle

2004 Volvo V70 FrontThis weekend was set aside decades ago to honor hard working Americans, and Ohio Valley Goodwills Auto Auction is celebrating this weekend by selling off one of the hardest working vehicles on the market: a Volvo V70 Station Wagon. True, Volvo is technically a Swedish brand, owned by a Chinese holding company, which makes cars in Sweden and ships them to the US — but America has always been a land of immigrants.

Volvos have earned their reputation as long-lasting vehicles. They dont look flashy, but they do good work. Over the years these cars have pulled themselves up by their own serpentine belts to take the US market by storm. This Volvo V70 is no different. It has served a long time, just over 175,000 miles, but you may find it still has plenty of kick left. If you are interested in celebrating Labor Day with a vehicle that will never go on strike, visit the Goodwill Auto Auction tomorrow morning.

Enjoy the holiday weekend!