Automobiles that can boast heritage seem to have a certain look, a certain attitude. The Buick Roadmaster is one of those cars.
Just take a look at this bad boy from 1936:

And now, to more modern times, check its descendant:
This is the last year of that proud line. Yes, 1996 was the culmination of the Buick Roadmaster, which had a production run from 1936-1958 and was resurrected for one more run, 1991-1996. The encore was no doubt due to the Roadmaster’s mighty strength and staying power. Good traits to see when attending an auto auction.
And now, you have an opportunity to own this very vehicle. Join us for the Goodwill auto auction tomorrow at 8 a.m. and bid on this 1996 Buick Roadmaster. While this model doesn’t look like it would belong in a Clark Gable movie like the 1936 model above, it does offer more modern-day conveniences not to be seen in black-and-while film classics.
Are you a fan of proud automotive traditions? if so, we’ll see you at the auction.