Cincinnati Auto Auction: Small Car With A Big Ego

07ChevyAveoCalloutHave you ever met somebody so adorable that you knew they had to be hiding something? Thats how we feel about the Chevy Aveo, aka the Chevy Sonic. Sure, it looks like a cute little hatchback with great gas mileage and plenty of room for craft supplies. But look closer. This car has a mean streak, and we have the evidence to prove it:

Did you see that?! Rob Dyrdek just flipped thousands of pounds of adorable Aveo like it was a skateboard. You cant build that into a car, it has to be bred into its metallic soul. The Chevy Aveo was born for greatness.

Are you cool enough to get behind the wheel of a car that treats gravity like mere suggestion? Then come down to tomorrow’s Goodwill auto auction and you can take this home this hardcore hatchback.

(Also, it should go without saying, but DO NOT try to kickflip your new Aveo. We do not endorse Rob Dyrdeks actions, awesome though they may be.)