Cincinnati Car Auction Offers Practicality and Performance

2000 Volvo S70 Front2000 was the final model year for this sophisticated and reserved luxury automobile. The S70 was first came to market in Europe for the 1997 model year, and became available the following year in the United States. The vehicle was designed as an update of the Volvo 850, the companys first front-wheel drive vehicle sold in the U.S. Like many turn of the millennia vehicles, the S70 was featured a more rounded body style than the vehicle it replaced. Of course, it is a Volvo, so a good deal of the companys signature ”boxiness’ remained. Unlike more indulgent European luxury vehicles, the Volvo says ”I like nice things, and I think practicality is a nice thing.’ The body style is one of more than 1800 changes which separated the S70 from its predecessor.

The S70 received only one major update during its 3 year American run. The post-1999 models, of which this excellent automobile is one, feature significantly enhanced safety features. These include more effective side airbags, an anti-whiplash system, enhanced traction control and re-engineered anti-lock brakes.

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