Cincinnati Car and Boat Donation: The Best of March

03FordExpedition_side-300x224Ohio Valley Goodwill has accepting car donations in Cincinnati for many years. Because of our long history, we receive some of Cincinnati’s best auto donations. Our weekly auto auction is  the  place to be for exciting deals, and (best of all) the money raised by the auction benefits communities in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Here are some highlights of the great vehicles that were donated last month.

A Car Donation with a Lot in Store

1996 Dodge Caravan, March 8, 2014:  The  Dodge Caravan was built with the motto of the Boy Scouts of America in mind, ”Be Prepared.’ This spacious minivan looks the dictionary definition of ”mini’ in the eye and laughs. It had seen some miles, but who would trust a car that hadnt. Its like that saying about a skinny chef.

Like a Lion:  Moves through traffic like an orca through fish. Total domination.

Like a Lamb:  3rd row of seats lets the kids sleep while parents take on the open road.

A Boat Donation that Sails Above the Rest

1970 Thistle 17 Sailboat, March 15, 2014:  It may be a slight change of pace, but we had to highlight this gem of a sailboat. The donor said it was ”in good shape.’ It is, but we suspect the owner kept their comment purposefully short to avoid getting emotional. The connections between people and their sailboats run deep.

Like a Lion:  Close hauled, into the morning sun. Cutting across the water and feeling like you may not really ever have been alive before that moment.

Like a Lamb:  Running, with one hand on the rope and the other arm around a loved one.

An Auto Donation That is Oh So Popular

1992 Toyota Corolla, March 22, 2014:  The Toyota Corolla is perennially one of the best selling cars in America. It is reliable, it is prudent and it is backed by the voice of the free market. What more could you ask for? This Corolla was still running after 209,000 miles, proof that sometimes you should follow the crowd.

Like a Lion:  There are Corolla owners fan clubs across the U.S.

Like a Lamb:  This car attracts cops like a magnet attracts yarn (not at all).

A Truck Donation to Conquer the Great Unknown

2003 Ford Expedition, March 29, 2014:  Technically the Ford Expedition is a Sport Utility Vehicle, but we think it is massive enough to deserve the moniker, ”truck.’ You would be hard pressed to find something this hard working machine couldnt handle. It is the perfect partner for the journey of life.

Like a Lion:  Here is a video of a Ford Expedition, ”mudding.’  It says it all.

Like a Lamb:  If they can take this SUV through four feet of mud, city driving should be a breeze.

 Click here  to see a sneak preview of the donated cars going up for auction this week.