Donate a Car, Make a Difference! 5 Reasons to Donate Your Car to Goodwill

Do you have an old car sitting in your garage or driveway? You may be wondering what to do with it, especially if youre not planning on driving it anytime soon. If you need to get rid of a car in Cincinnati, Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help! Our car donation program makes it simple and easy to donate a car in Cincinnati and help others while youre at it.

Why should you choose Ohio Valley Goodwill over other car donation programs? Here are a few good reasons to choose Goodwill:

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Donated car at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Avoid the hassles of selling your car

Getting rid of an old car isnt easy. If you decide to sell your car via private party, youll have to spend the time and effort creating an advertisement, meeting with potential buyers, negotiating a deal, and completing paperwork before you can finally be free of your vehicle. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we can save you the time and stress of trying to sell your car. When you donate a car to Goodwill in Cincinnati, theres no guessing or negotiating’”its a sure thing. We accept vehicle donations in any condition, even cars that arent running! Fill out a donation form to get started today.

Take advantage of tax benefits

One of the main reasons many people choose to donate a car to charity is to take advantage of potential tax benefits. When you donate a vehicle to charity, or even a boat or motorcycle, you may be able to claim it on your itemized tax return. To find out more, see the guidelines from the IRS for charitable contributions or by calling 1-800-829-1040. Get more information about donating vehicles here.

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Lineup of cars at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Enjoy a simple, easy car donation process

Donating a car shouldnt be complicated. At Ohio Valley Goodwill, we make it as easy as possible! After filling out a donation form, you can drop your vehicle off at one of our designated donation locations in and around Cincinnati. If your vehicle isnt running, we can arrange a tow at no cost to you!

Through our partnership with Superior Automotive Group and Mike Albert Direct, you can donate your car just by dropping it off at one of their convenient locations. Bring your vehicle and signed title, and well handle the rest. Its that easy!

Make an impact in your community

When it comes down to it, donating is about helping others. And when you donate a car to Ohio Valley Goodwill, youre helping people in several different ways! First, your donation will be auctioned at our weekly public auto auction, which provides an affordable car-buying option for people in our community. But it goes further: the proceeds from your vehicle donation will also support Goodwills life-changing service programs, including job training and employment services for veterans and individuals with disabilities. You will feel great knowing that Goodwill maximizes the value of your car donation right here in Greater Cincinnati.

Ohio Valley Goodwill is a non-profit partner you can trust

At Ohio Valley Goodwill, weve built our entire car donation and auto auction process in-house, and we still run it ourselves to this day. Unlike some other car donation programs, we ensure theres no outside for-profit auto auction company getting a cut of your donations value. If you want to make the most impact with your car donation in Cincinnati, Goodwill is the local, reputable non-profit partner you can trust!

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We put people to work!

Ready to donate your car to Goodwill in Cincinnati?

Get started today! Simply fill out our donation form, and well contact you shortly about your vehicle.

Thank you for donating to Ohio Valley Goodwill and making a difference!