Donate A Car & Get a Home Improvement Hauler

05FordRanger_calloutIts home improvement time, but your two-door sedan isnt going to cut it for hauling lumber, tools or a new hot tub. Its time to donate the daily commuting car and get a vehicle that says, ”I have a life outside the office; I do things, and those things are heavy.’

But how can you afford a new truck? Easy! Ohio Valley Goodwill has the answer. We have partnered with Superior Automotive Group and Mike Albert Direct to offer an incredible deal to Cincinnatis car donation champions. If you take your car to a designated drop site the auto pros will handle all of the paperwork, get you a receipt for a possible tax advantage and give you a discount off your new truck! That is good news for the Future Bob Villas of the world because it means you could potentially get much more value from your used car.

Thats just the beginning. Once you get your truck, then you can remodel the kitchen and put in that granite island you have always wanted. After you remodel the kitchen, you can invite your bosss family over for brunch. When your boss sees how well you handle a spatula, you will get promoted. And then you will be able to build the deck of your dreams. Youll invite the CEO over for a barbecue and the cycle will continue until your reach the top. But, it all starts with the truck, so hurry up and donate your car to Ohio Valley Goodwills Cincinnati auto auction.