Donate Your Truck Before Gas Prices Heat Up

Cincinnatians who drive trucks and SUVs have had plenty to celebrate in 2015, so far gas has been far cheaper than in years past. Now, however, it looks like the party may be coming to an end. Gas prices have risen precipitously over the past three weeks. Check the chart below to see the alarming ascension:

 gas price chart

Analysts say rising demand along with the weakened dollar are behind the rise, but the ”why’ of rising gas prices is immaterial. Experience shows they always seem to be higher just in time for summer. If you really want to insulate yourself from the expense of gas, the best thing to do is invest in efficiency. Trade in your gas guzzling titan of torque for a sensible vehicle that will be kinder on your pocket or purse. If you donate your truck to Ohio Valley Goodwill through our partnership with Superior Automotive Group, you may be eligible for a tax advantage in addition to receiving a discount on a new vehicle. That isnt just a financial win; the possible tax advantage, combined with the credit toward a new car and less time at the pump is an ultra-rare win-win-WIN.

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