If You Donated a Car, You Would Have Filed Your Taxes By Now

carzThe tax deadline is upon us. All across the Tri-State, last minute searches for 1099s and W-2s are taking place, and calculators are busy adding up deductions. But, there is one group of people who have doubtlessly filed their taxes months ago: people who made car donations. These charitable individuals, whether they donated in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, or Southeast Indiana, have no reason to fear the ”tax man.’ That is because donating a car, truck, boat, motorcycle or RV to Ohio Valley Goodwill may earn you a tax advantage on your itemized taxes.

Donating a vehicle is a great opportunity and, once you do, you wont want to wait to file your taxes either. The chance to receive an advantage on your itemized tax return is like a little reward that could be waiting for you at the end of 2014. This year, our intrepid donors will sleep soundly on April 15th, knowing that they have made difference. Every vehicle donation received by Ohio Valley Goodwill is auctioned, and 100% of the proceeds of our auto auctions benefit local communities.

So, if you are struggling to get your taxes together this year, make it the last time. After you mail in that all important return, make a car donation to Ohio Valley Goodwill and give yourself a reason to look forward to next years tax season. Find out how easy it is by visiting  www.goodwillcars.com/donate. It’ll make you feel good about your doing your taxes for the first time.