We are proud to announce that the Dale Donovan Extreme Car Makeover has been a success. We will be auctioning off this fully restored Honda Accord this weekend (April 11). Check out the photos below to see  how far this vehicle has come. You can also see a list off all the repairs it had undergone by clicking here.

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Thank you again to our sponsors:  Donovans Auto & Tire Center, Community Car Care, 55 KRC and Campbell County Auto Body inc.

UPDATE 3/27:

Check out the newest video of the makeover in progress. Remember, the auction will be held on April, 11!


New photos of the work in progress. Looks like the status of this makeover is GOLDEN!

Make-Over #1 Make-Over #2


55KRC, Dale Donovan Auto & Tire Center and the Ohio Valley Goodwill Auto Auction joining forces again to turn a lemon into a legend! Thats right — its EXTREME CAR MAKEOVER TIME! Last time our partners turned a Honda Accord with 90K on the odometer into a vehicle that looked brand new. This time, they are doubling down on their decades of experience to completely rejuvenate an Accord with over 180,000 miles. This beautiful vehicle will be auctioned off on Saturday, April 11th  at 9:00am as a part of our weekly Cincinnati car auction. Check out the video below to see the first stages of the makeover, and follow us on YouTube for future updates!

Special thanks to our sponsors who make this incredible event possible: