An EXTREMELY Good Day at the Cincinnati Auto Auction

99HondaAccord_calloutThe wait is over auto auction lovers! The bolts have been tightened, the overhaul had been hauled over and the the dents have been dealt with! What are we talking about? The DALE DONOVAN EXTREME CAR MAKEOVER! This week the best auto auction in Cincinnati is debuting a work of automotive art. The folks at Dale Donovans Auto & Tire Center have delivered a completely rebuilt and rejuvenated Honda Accord. It may have 90,000 on the odometer, but Dale Donovan and 55KRC have made it as close to brand new as it can be.

You see, the team behind 55KRCs Car Talk program are real wizards when it comes to auto repair. The everyday dents and dings they get in their shop just arent enough of a challenge for their prodigious skills. Thats why they came to Goodwill with an annual plan to put their abilities to the test by rehabbing a vehicle from the ground up. Thus, the Dale Donovan Extreme Car Makeover was born. Check out the photos below and then set your alarm clocks. Were sure you wont want to miss this great auction. Get to our Auto Auction HQ when the gates open at 8:00am to make this beautiful automobile your own.