This Featured Auto Donation Makes a Splash

This week, the Ohio Valley Goodwill is auctioning off a wildly amazing auto donation. This Saturday, the Goodwill Auto Auction is proud to present a 2003 Acura MDX. The this donated vehicle has the sophisticated style you expect from Acura. The sleek black paint job and bright wheels evoke images of an orca on the hunt.



Though the majestic  Orcinus orca  has earned the unfortunate moniker “killer whale,” these marine mammals are hardly brutes. In fact, they are believed to be among the most intelligent animals on the planet. They have social lives, family groups and one of the most complex and mesmerizing examples of coordinated hunting on Earth. Here is a video of their “wave washing” technique from the Discovery Channel show  Frozen Planet.


The technique is reportedly successful 3/4 four times, a testament to the power and intellect of this apex predator. Just think of what you can accomplish when your new MDX puts you at the top of your own local food chain. No highway or thoroughfare will be beyond your grasp. Come to Ohio Valley Goodwill’s weekly auto auction, this Saturday from 8am-5pm at our Springfield Pike location, to take advantage of this whale of a deal.


Check out the full preview of the donated vehicles going up for auction this weekend.