Our Featured Car + 4 Other Cool Things from South Korea

This week, the Goodwill Auto Auction ‘“ the best car auction in Cincinnati ‘“ is featuring a slick Hyundai Sonata. The 2004 Sonata was named the Consumer Guide ”Recommended Buy of the Year.’ It also won in 2003 and 2005. Great cars with top-notch technology are just one in a long line of things we love about South Korea. So, before you head down to Cincinnatis best auto auction, check out our list of four other great things from South Korea.

  1. Fast Food Deliver

You can get almost any fast food delivered right to your door in South Korea. The meals are dispatched via motorbike riding speedsters. Its perfect for diners who like their meal to have a little zip.

  1. Youre Older in South Korea

Contrary to U.S. customs, South Korean children are considered to be ”1’ as soon as they are born. Were willing to bet there are a lot of 15-year-old would-be drivers longing for a trip to South Korea!

  1. ROBOTS!

South Korea recently won a high profile robotics challenge from DARPA, but not all their robots are so serious-minded. Meet Engkey. This cute ‘˜bot has been helping students learn english since 2010.

  1. Shop Till You Drop

Busan, South Korea is home to Shinsegae Centum City, the worlds largest department store. It contains a spa, skating rink and multiplex theater ‘“ all supersized!
If any of that sparks your interest, come visit us at the auto auction tomorrow. All the fun things we listed here are nothing compared to the thrill of hitting the gas in your new Sonata. And, dont forget to donate your old car to Ohio Valley Goodwill ‘“ Cincinnatis auto donation and car auction destination!