Featured Car: Cincinnati Car Auction Brings the Benz

We love every featured car here at the Ohio Valley Goodwill Cincinnati auto auction, but this week’s special is a real gem. There is so much we could say about this pearly white Mercedes S500, but none of it can top the photos. Check it out:


Now that you’ve had a look at this legendary luxury car, let’s run some numbers on the 1998 Mercedes-Benz S500:

  • The original MSRP of the S500 in 1998 was over $87,000. That’s over $125,000 in 2015 dollars. Of course, the car’s value has depreciated since then, but it is worth knowing that somebody put down a serious chunk of change for this slick vehicle.

  • The 1998 S500 runs on a 315-horsepower V-8 – That’s comparable to a 2015 Audi A7 (310-horsepower), a 2015 6-Series BMW (315-horsepower) and a 2015 Cadillac STS (304-horsepower). That power, combined with the luxury of a Benz, puts the S500 at the top of the heap for power and comfort.

  • This S500 has only been 74,594 miles since 1998 – That’s roughly 4,387 miles a year (or about 12 miles a day!)

If those factoids haven’t convinced you to head out to the car auction this weekend, nothing will. There isn’t anything left to say except see you Saturday morning!