A Featured Car That’ll Sell Faster Than A Jet

2003 Saab 95 FrontThis week Ohio Valley Goodwill is the Top Gun of auto auctions in Cincinnati. We are featuring a dangerously awesome vehicle that was ”Born from Jets.’ Know what car it is? If you said ”Saab,’ quit your crying because that is absolutely right! Check out these photos of the luxurious and powerful Saab 95.

Saab is an automaker known for intense customer loyalty. People that drive them will readily identify themselves as ”Saab people,’ a characteristic they probably share with jet pilots. If you fly jets, it is probably the kind of thing you try to work into as many conversations as possible. Its cool. Its the kind of thing that seems fun ‘“ just like driving a Saab.

The 95 sits low to the ground, giving you a racecar vibe before you even turn on the engine. Hit the gas and youll see that comparison is more than simply cosmetic. Though Saabs dont pack the same horsepower as some comparably priced luxury vehicles, the fun you have taking turns in a Saab will more than makeup for any deficiencies you experience on the straight-aways. These cars stick to the road like glue. If youre interested in seeing yourself soar through southern Ohio in our featured car, come down to the Goodwill Auto Auction tomorrow morning. We have a feeling this car will fly off the auction block.