Goodwill Auto Donation Gets Expeditious!


Ohio Valley Goodwill gladly accepts auto donations from Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and the surrounding communities. The funds we raise support important programs for individuals with disabilities and veterans. Read on to discover a gem of a car donation being auctioned  this Saturday.

Since the dawn of humanity,  men and women have sought to uncover the worlds mysteries, packing mountains of gear to brave planets  under  the fiercest conditions. Not all forays into the great unknown are created equal, however. Explorers are responsible for many great discoveries and heroic deeds, but when a mission is truly of the utmost importance, it calls for an Expedition. Larger, better equipped and totally fearless, expeditions were outfitted to take on the worlds greatest peril ‘”  the unknown.

The Ford  Expedition lives up to its namesake. It dwarfs the Ford Explorer to the point where an onlooker might believe the  Expedition is some kind of carrier vehicle, traveling to distant lands only to park and unload punier cars from its spacious cargo areas. Tradition dictates that an expedition is not for the faint of heart, but this modern Expedition is awaiting all buyers at this weeks Ohio Valley Goodwill Auto Auction. Whether you are timid or tough, the Expedition will handle anything life throws at you (and vice versa).

With 164,000 miles under its belt, this vehicle is already a seasoned explorer. Its future owners will benefit from that experience as they travel down the road of life, never shying from the rocks and potholes that mar everyones path. It is time to get up and get going, expeditiously!