Why Goodwill is The Best Auto Auction in Cincinnati: May Edition

May was an amazing month for Ohio Valley Goodwill’¦  we truly lived up to our name as the best auto auction in Cincinnati. Not only did the month of May contain an extra Friday, and thus an extra auto auction, but we were able to auction boats that any Cincinnatian would envy and an incredible vintage sports car. Read on to see some of the highlights from this spectacular month.

May, 31:  2008 Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 is to the second decade of the 21st Century what the Volkwagon Jetta was to the first: a vehicle which made a name for itself by being the go-  to car for individuals looking for  reliability and class at a great price point.

5-24:  2007 Cadillac DTS

As we mentioned last week, the Cadillac DTS and its predecessor, the Coup DeVille, have inspired some of the greatest songs in hip hop history. This DTS had a fantastic white paint job that will make it stand out whether picking the kids up from soccer practice or going out for a night on the town.

5-17:  1993 CrownLine 250 CR, 1992 Chris Craft 228 Concept, 1996 Precision 17 Foot Sailboat

This week was aqua-mazing! The auto auction practically became a boat auction, and a luxurious one at that! The CrownLine and the Chris Craft both featured cabins, and the Precision Sailboat was the perfect craft for a sailor looking to graduate from a learning boat to something that would turn heads. So remember, when Goodwill holds a boat auction in Cincinnati, you should mark your  calendars.

5-10: 2003 Buick Rendezvous

Rendezvous indeed! Whichever lucky auctioneer took home this beautiful Buick is surely riding the streets of Cincinnati in style and comfort. Is it really an SUV, or is it an artfully disguised minivan? Ask yourself, ”with a ride this beautiful, does it even matter?’

5-3: A 1965 Austin Healey Sprite

Here it comes! Here come the Sprite! Its a demon on wheels! It was a demon, and it went home with some lucky someone!

Thats right, Ohio Valley Goodwills auto auction just sold off a vintage MG. If we didnt have your attention before, I bet we do now.  Vroooooooom!