Goodwill Car Donation: February’s Greatest Hits!

96BuickRegal_callout-e1393426121646February has come to a close, and now its time for a look back at last months coolest cars from the Ohio Valley Goodwill Auto Auction. Anyone who has been to Goodwill knows that we specialize in great merchandise and even greater prices, and nothing shows it better than our Auto Auction.  Disclaimer: even though last weeks auction technically took place on March 1st, we included it in this months recap. It was just too cool for us to wait until next month to talk about it.

The following great vehicles, and many others auctioned this month, were donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill by incredibly generous Cincinnatians.

2000 Chevy Impala:  230, 217 miles

GM first introduced the Impala in 1958, and since then it has built a solid reputation as a full-sized animal of a sedan that can really run. Like its namesake, the Impala was built for unparalleled efficiency when it comes to putting distance between you and whatever is behind you. When you drive an Impala, youll stay ahead of the pack.

You should own this car if:  You harbor an uncompromising desire to get things done, which can only be satisfied by action. You dont pull any punches, like Greendays much-lauded 2000 album,  Warning.

1999 Lexus RX3: 234,305 miles

Lexus is synonymous with Luxury, and the RX3 brings it all with room for more. This is the sport utility vehicle that says ”The sport Im best at is looking fantastic.’ This SUV will get you there and back again, no matter what the weather serves up. Considering the winter weve had this year, that is something really valuable.

You should own this car if:  You want to feel like a star, even as you commute from work, pick the kids up from practice, head home and still have time to hit the gym; your soundtrack is Ricky Martins 1999 hit, ”Livin la Vida Loca.’

2000 Acura 3.2TL: 166,678 miles

This lady auto was the Ohio Valley Goodwill blogs featured Car of the Week this month, and as we said then: this turn of the millenium Acura is pure poetry. The paint is, aptly, silver; perfect for cutting through traffic like a knife through butter. That metaphor is even more perfect when considering Acuras first ever english tag-line, ”Precision crafted performance.’

You should own this car if:  You live life a life that is as luxurious as it is fast paced, possibly while jamming to N*Syncs hit record from 2000,  No Strings Attached.


Buick Regal: 078,059 Miles

This midsized sedan can hold a mighty 17.1 gallons of gas, but its slick black paint job is more like 17.1 tons of cool. The six cylinder engine gives it more than enough power to roar up Cincinnatis seven hills, and it has the seating capacity to bring friends along for the ride. With under 100,000 miles, this donated car may seem like the baby of the bunch. Dont let the miles fool you though, this Regal regent has been ruling the road since 1996.

You should own this car if:  You love safety, reliability and the 1996 smash hit debut of The Backstreet Boys.