A Historic Accord at Cincinnati’s Best Car Auction

As you are probably aware, one bidder at this weekends Cincinnati Auto Auction will go home with the incredible product of our Extreme Car Makeover: a fully restored Honda Accord. But that is just one of the accords we would like to highlight in this post. Sure, it is a heck of a Honda, but it wouldnt be so spectacular if not for the accord weve formed with partner organizations across Cincinnati.

The Extreme Car Makeover is only possible due to the extreme generosity of our friends at Donovans Auto & Tire Center, Community Car Care, 55 KRC and Campbell County Auto Body inc. The work they have put in over the last few months is going to pay big dividends in the community. The car itself will make a difference in the life of one of our Cincinnati neighbors, the funds raised by the auction will help us provide services to veterans, young people and individuals with disabilities and the publicity around the event has already brought attention to our cause.

Make an accord with your family to meet us at the Goodwill Auto Auction to bid on this fantastic automobile.