Make a Car Donation in Fairfield

If you are looking to donate a car in Fairfield, no auto donation option in Cincinnati makes it easier than Ohio Valley Goodwill. We have a partnership with Superior Automotive Group which empowers our auto donors to drop off vehicle donations at any of their locations. Car donations in Fairfield are particularly convenient, because there are two potential drop-off locations in the area.

Superior Acura and Superior Hyundai North will be happy to take your vehicle donation on behalf of Goodwill. Your donation could potentially earn you a tax advantage, and automotive professionals at Superior Automotive Group will even offer you an additional credit on your vehicle toward the purchase of a new or used car, truck or van. This is just one way Ohio Valley Goodwill and our partners help auto donors get the greatest value from their vehicles.

Donating a vehicle is more than just a smart financial decision for you, however. Vehicles donated to Ohio Valley Goodwill can do a world of good for groups of individuals  who are underserved in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana. Your vehicle donation could help individuals  with disabilities find meaningful employment, aid a homeless veteran trying to get back on their feet or open opportunities for young people as they  move into adulthood. No matter which of Goodwills essential services your  donation ends up funding, you can be sure every cent your vehicle raises at our Cincinnati Auto Auction will stay in the Greater Cincinnati Region.

Donate a vehicle and show that you want Cincinnati to be a more just, vibrant and equal community. You can find our Fairfield Donation locations, Superior Acura and Superior Hyundai North, on the maps below. Visit our Donation Locations page to find additional places to make a car, truck, boat or motorcycle donation in Cincinnati.

Superior Acura

Superior Hyundai North