Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Auto Auction Gets Rugged

79JeepCJ7_calloutAre you the kind of person who craves adventure, excitement and a life beyond the walls of a cubical or even the city limits? Do you dream of trees and brooks and beautiful ancient rock formations? Do you then dream of driving over them like an action hero? Well good news. The Ohio Valley Goodwill auto auction has the vehicle of your dreams: A 1979 Jeep CJ-7.

This rugged off-road auto is the perfect vehicle for getting away from it all. ”CJ’ stands for ”Civilian Jeep’ because the model is a civilian version of the famous WWII military Jeep. Today they have been replaced by the similar-looking Jeep Wrangler, but these older vehicles are much more rugged than their frat-boyish cousins. The CJ-7 model was released in 1976 and features expanded wheel wells and wheel springs and road dampers mounted nearer to the outside of the body. The vehicle were auctioning this Friday even features Jeeps iconic full-sized spare, so you can feel extra secure on off-road adventures.

Visit the auto auction this Saturday morning you think our exciting featured car is right for you.