3 Reasons to Donate Your Car This Summer

Since were all staying close to home, this summer is a great time to get organized. Its also an excellent time to get around to those chores youve been putting off ‘” like finally getting rid of the car thats taking up space in your garage or driveway!

White Ford Escape at Ohio Valley Goodwill
White Ford Escape at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Here are three good reasons to donate your car this summer:

#1: It doesnt match your needs

Over time, your needs in a car will change. Maybe you have a small sedan, but you really need an SUV or minivan for your growing family. Or, maybe your kids are heading off to college and youre ready to get a vehicle thats more fun ‘” like a sporty two-seater convertible. Either way, this summer is an opportunity to upgrade your vehicle and get rid of your old car.

#2: Youre tired of making repairs

Older cars can come with a lot of upkeep and repairs. Rust, dents, leaks, the list goes on! Even routine maintenance like oil changes and tire replacements can bust your budget. Not to mention, if the air conditioning isnt working properly, it can put a damper on your summer. If repairing your vehicle is costing you more money and time than its worth, donate it today!

#3: You want to get rid of your old car quickly

Selling a used car isnt an easy task. Youll have to clean up the vehicle, take photos, post an advertisement, meet with buyers, negotiate a price, and eventually turn over the keys. Trading in a vehicle isnt always the best option, either. You might find that the trade-in value of your used car is much less than its actual value. This is why many people choose to donate their vehicles to charity instead of selling or trading them in! When you donate a car to charity, the organization benefits from the value of your vehicle, not a car dealer. Thats a much better deal!

Plus, donating a car is quick and easy. If you try to sell your car, it might take weeks or months to find the right buyer. If you want to guarantee that your car will be taken off your hands this summer, donating is the way to go!

Where to donate your car in Cincinnati

When youre ready to finally get rid of a car, Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help! We gladly accept car donations in Cincinnati, whether or not the car is in working condition. Drop off your car donation at one of our convenient, designated drop sites across Greater Cincinnati or arrange to have your vehicle towed FREE of charge!

Goodwill Logo: We Put People to Work!
We Put People to Work!

Your car donations make a meaningful difference in Cincinnati. When you donate a vehicle, you may be eligible for a Tax Advantage. Best of all, when your car donation is resold in our weekly public Auto Auction, the revenue generated fuels Goodwills mission of providing employment and job placement services to individuals with disabilities and our nations veterans.

Learn more about donating a vehicle to Goodwill here. If youre ready to donate, please fill out our online donation form, and well be in touch with you soon.

Thank you for your support of Goodwills 100+ year mission to change lives through the power of work!