3 Signs it’s Time to Get Rid of an Old Car

Our cars are an important part of our lives. If you think about it, our vehicles do more than take us from A to B; theyre where we spend a lot of time with friends and family driving to special experiences and making memories. According to one study, the average American spends 18 days driving a year, with an average of eight hours and 22 minutes per week in the car!

2003 Chevrolet Trailblazer Front
Chevy Trailblazer at Goodwill Auto Auction

However, as much as we love our cars and use them daily, they arent meant to last forever. There comes a time when its better to let go of an old car than to keep it around where it will take up valuable space in your garage or driveway. When you choose to donate your car, youll be extending the usefulness of your vehicle and helping others in need at the same time.

Not sure if its the right moment to get rid of an older vehicle? Here are some telltale signs its time to say goodbye and donate your car:

#1: Your car needs pricey repairs

As your car ages, its likely that it will need more and more repairs to remain driveable. Those frequent visits to the mechanic can add up quickly, and could even exceed the value of your vehicle! If your car needs major repairs, such as engine or transmission work, seriously consider if its worth spending the money or if youre better off moving on to your next vehicle.

#2: Your car has high mileage

Even if your car isnt decades old, having high mileage could decrease the value of your car and lead to issues requiring frequent maintenance and repairs. If your vehicle is approaching the 200,000 mile mark, it might be time to think about car donation.

#3: Youre ready for a change

Maybe your car doesnt have any major issues, but it just doesnt fit your needs and lifestyle anymore. For example, a growing family calls for a larger vehicle like a minivan or SUV. Or, maybe youre ready to downsize your current vehicle and cruise in style with a sleek sedan or sports car. Whatever your situation, theres no sense in delaying the switch to a vehicle that works better for you!

Is it time to donate your car?

When you realize its time to let go of your current vehicle, Ohio Valley Goodwill is here to help! We make it easy for you to donate a car in Cincinnati and create a positive impact in your community through our car donation program and weekly auto auction in Cincinnati.

Featured Vehicles Preview 4-3-2021
Line-up of Donated Cars at Ohio Valley Goodwill

Donating your car to Goodwill is a quick, easy, and meaningful way to get rid of an older car. Our convenient donation drop sites are located throughout the Cincinnati area, so all you need to do is drive up and donate! Ohio Valley Goodwill accepts cars, trucks, SUVs, and other vehicles in any condition, so even if your vehicle isnt running, you can arrange a FREE tow and donate your vehicle easily.

When you choose to donate a car in Cincinnati to Ohio Valley Goodwill, you can be confident that the value of your vehicle will be maximized to do the most good in your community. Thats because Ohio Valley Goodwill uses the revenue raised from the sale of your vehicle to help support life-changing job skills training and employment services for individuals with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment. We run our auto auction completely in-house, so theres no outside company getting a cut of your vehicle donation!

Donate a Car. Change a Life.
Donate a Car. Change a Life.

Plus, by donating a vehicle to Goodwill and supporting our mission, you may become eligible for a tax advantage’”learn more at IRS.gov. With so many good reasons to donate your car to Goodwill, why wait?

Get started today by filling out our donation form and well be in touch with you soon!