Summer fun at The Best Auto Auction in Cincinnati

August is on the horizon and that means summer is nearly at an end, but you can take the summer sun with you everywhere you go by purchasing this weeks featured car at the Goodwill Auto Auction: a beautiful white 2007 Chevrolet Malibu. This vehicle embodies the spirit of the West Coast with relaxed curves and large windows to let the sunshine in.

Imagine yourself cruising down Highway 1 with the wind in your hair. You ask yourself, ”do I really deserve to feel this good?’

”Yes,’ your conscience replies. ”Every dollar you spent on this car went aided Ohio Valley Goodwills mission to support homeless veterans, individuals with disabilities and young people in Cincinnati.’

Working with Ohio Valley Goodwill puts you in the drivers seat of an opportunity to make an impact on your community. So relax like they do out in Southern California. You can hold your head high while you ”hang ten’ (and two) in this Chevy Malibu.