Tax Tactics: Donate Your Car to Goodwill

goodwill-auto-keysIts tax season again, and some smart people from across Cincinnati are taking advantage of the best tax incentive deal in town. Individuals who donated cars to Ohio Valley Goodwill are deducting that money from their taxes! Theyll be owing less or bumping up their refunds, and funding high-quality community services at the same time.

Goodwill was among the first organizations to let big-hearted (and business minded) people donate their cars to charity. Goodwill multiplies the value of used cars by ensuring 100% of the money they raise at auction is returned to the community as valuable programs and services, while also helping donors pay less money in taxes.

Its too late for you to donate and get a rebate on your 2013 taxes, but that just means you can be first in line to get your money back in 2014. Donating to Goodwill is one of the easiest philanthropic decisions you can make, because it makes perfect economic sense. The call for more tax rebates is going out all over Cincinnati: Donate your car to charity, donate your truck to charity, you can even donate your boat to charity! Goodwill’s Auto Auction site will even help you ¬†find an auto donation location ¬†near you.

We cant do your taxes for you, but if you help us keep services like employment for individuals with disabilities going strong in 2014, you’ll like what you see on tax day.