Top 3 Reasons to Donate a Car to Goodwill

Convenient Car Donation Locations:

Did you know Ohio Valley Goodwill can tow your vehicle for free? That means that even if your car or truck wont start, we will still accept your donation and come get it, free of charge. If you dont require a tow, we have several convenient car donation locations in Cincinnati through our partnership with Mike Albert Direct and Superior Automotive Group.

Donating Your Car to Goodwill May Make You Eligible for a Tax Deduction

When you donate your car to Goodwill, youll receive a donation receipt to use when filling out your itemized tax return, which may make you eligible for a significant tax deduction. Whether you donate a car, boat, truck, RV, or even a motorcycle, your donation may qualify you for a tax advantage.

Donating your car to Goodwill can change lives

When you donate your used car to Goodwill, that vehicle can go on to make a dramatic difference in someones life, for many reasons. First, the new owner of your used car is sure to appreciate your donation. Likewise, 100% of the proceeds from each auto auction are used to fulfill Goodwills mission in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana. This mission includes helping thousands of people, including individuals with disabilities and our nations veterans find meaningful employment and confidence to enrich our community. When you donate your car or truck to Ohio Valley Goodwill, your donation goes much further, reaching across the Cincinnati community. If you want to make the most of your car donation in Cincinnati, Ohio Valley Goodwill is the best option for you.