Top 5 Reasons to Donate a Car to Goodwill

Top5BeetleDonate a car in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky, and Ohio Valley Goodwill makes sure you get the best service and your car donation makes the biggest impact. The top five reasons donating a vehicle directly to Ohio Valley Goodwill is better than any other vehicle donation option in Cincinnati or Northern Kentucky are:

1. Convenient Car Donation Options:

Ohio Valley Goodwill can tow your vehicle for free. Even if the vehicle you want to donate wont start, we are happy to come get it. Your vehicle may be past its prime, but it may also be just what an intrepid mechanic has been looking for. Even if you dont need a tow, Ohio Valley Goodwill offers convenient donation locations across Greater Cincinnati through our partnership with Mike Albert Direct and Superior Automotive Group. Find one here.

2. Vehicle Donations Stay Local:

Unfortunately, many auto donation charities use only a portion of the proceeds from donated vehicles on mission related activities. There are even for profit companies which form partnerships with non-profits in order to get auto donations. Then, cars are shipped all over the United States for auction. Often, the money the donations raise has no impact on the local area where they were donated. Ohio Valley Goodwill uses 100% of vehicle donation proceeds to fulfill our mission in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.

3. Vehicle Donations Change Lives:

Ohio Valley Goodwill has helped thousands of young people, individuals with disabilities and veterans find meaningful employment. When someone we serve finds a job, it does much more than help them earn a living. Work is an important part of self actualization. It gives the individuals we serve a chance to find their place in the community. Inclusive communities are stronger and more just. You will find that your auto donation comes back to benefit you and your community in unexpected ways.

4. Auto Donation May Make You Eligible for a Tax Advantage on Your Itemized Return:

Ohio Valley Goodwill has helped countless individuals save money on their taxes when they donated a car, truck, boat, RV or motorcycle. Every dollar counts; click here to find out more about how your auto donation may make you eligible for a tax advantage.

5. Your Car Can Go on to Do Good:

A vehicle can make a dramatic difference in someones life, and Ohio Valley Goodwill provides Greater Cincinnati with some of the most affordable vehicles anywhere. You may have great memories with your car, truck or motorcycle. It may not be serving your needs anymore, but it may still have great memory-making potential for someone else. You can take pride in your vehicle donation because it may have changed a life.