What Is the Value of Your Auto Donation?

When you donate a car in Cincinnati, you make a difference that can impact the entire Tri-State area. Ohio Valley Goodwill conducts the only in-house charity car auction in Cincinnati where the funds raised stay local. Lets take a look at some of the ways you could help your local community when you donate a car, truck, boat or RV to charity through Ohio Valley Goodwill.

  1. The car you donate  will help  to  provide job training and other services to individuals with disabilities, veterans or young people in Cincinnati. Proceeds from the weekly Goodwill Auto Auction go towards our employment and training programs for the people we serve. These individuals  are in turn able to earn a paycheck,   increase their self-confidence, and become productive, tax-paying, contributing members of our community- something we can all support.
  2. When you donate a car in Cincinnati, you are giving other community members the chance to own a car. It may seem simple, but buying a car from Ohio Valley Goodwills Auto Auction can be a life-changing opportunity for individuals who may not have transportation. Driving opens up opportunities. When you donate a vehicle, you make those opportunities possible.
  3. When you donate a car, you may be eligible to receive a tax advantage on your itemized return. Donations to Goodwill provide huge value to local communities, so the IRS makes it possible to reward individuals who donate cars to charity. See our FAQ page to see what kind of tax advantage you may be eligible to receive.

Thanks Greater Cincinnati for your support of Ohio Valley Goodwill over the past almost 100 years. It is your donations that make all the difference in people’s lives!