This Week The Auto Auction Breaks the Mold

97CadillacDeville_calloutThis weeks featured car is a Cadillac Coupe de Ville, a vehicle we have written about in the past. But, before we get to talking about this super-cool Caddy, lets talk about that perennial consumer of Cadillacs, Hollywood. Did you know there is actually a movie called Coupe de Ville. Its true. The flick came out in 1990 and starred Patrick Dempsey and Ayre Gross. Heres what Roger Ebert had to say about the film.

“Coupe de Ville” has a good heart and some nice moments, and would no doubt mean something to that hypothetical viewer who has never seen a movie like this before. But spare me. There is something deadening about the kind of formula picture where you know with absolute certainty what is going to happen, and how, and why. And “Coupe de Ville” is composed of so many formulas that they must have a template for it in screenwriting school.

Its ironic that a movie revolving around this iconic auto could be called formulaic, because Coupe de Villes namesake is a car for true originals. It takes a special kind of person to drive a Cadillac. It always has. If you are that special kind of someone, come down to the auto auction tomorrow morning and teach the other auction-goers how to place a bid in style.