This Week at Ohio Valley Goodwill’s Auto Donation Auction

There is more than one kind of luxury automobile. There is the raw power of a Hummer. The engineering precision of a BMW. And then there is Acura, a luxury brand with a subtle complexity that won’t reveal itself to the casual glance. In many ways, Acura’s simultaneous depth and simplicity resembles another great Japanese invention, the haiku.

The Acura 3.2TL is a sublime merger of form and function. So why was this car donated to Goodwill? We can’t say for sure. Our best guess is that, while driving a country road in this powerful luxury auto,  the previous owner achieved a moment of spiritual zen. They may have donated all their possessions to Goodwill and taken off to walk the earth, contemplating society and the movement of the stars.

This coveted luxury item can only be found at Goodwill. Every week, Goodwill offers a showcase for the many amazing cars that are donated to its Auto Auction. Open to the public and offered every  Saturday morning at  9:00 am, the Auto Auction can be a treasure hunters paradise. This weeks featured car is just the most recent example of generosity at its finest.

Think of the spiritual growth you might achieve as you glide across America’s highways in this lithe driving machine. Contemplate as you read this poem:

Quick Silver Sedan

from the millennium’s turn.

Hear her roar again!