This Week’s Best Auto Donation: Cadillac Edition

07CadillacDTS_callout-e1400682022989Ohio Valley Goodwill is serving up a powerful vehicle with style and character this week. The Cadillac DTS (DeVille Touring Sedan) is a car line with a storied past. The DeVille has been a status symbol since it was first introduced in 1949. It has been driven by Wall Street magnates, hip hop legends and distinguished men and women of all types.

This particular vehicle dates to 2007, the second model-year after Cadillac converted the Deville to its modern ”Art and Science-era nomenclature,’ wherein the Seville became the STS and the Catera became the CTS. While it may not have the evocative name of its predecessors, it definitely has the power and luxury that define the Cadillac brand. This DTS sports a V8 engine, a slick white paint job and top-shelf style.

It is a rare vehicle that can serve as the Presidential State Car and inspire iconic rap lyrics like, ”cream on the inside, clean on the outside.’ That vehicle is the Cadillac DTS, and you can get one for yourself at tomorrows Goodwill Auto Auction. Click here for details.